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Created Jul 24, 2008
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<ab5tract> we are trying to figure out the best/preferred way to interface with sequel
<ab5tract> so if thats what you recommend, we'l write a converter function that takes the hash and turns it into a URI
<jeremyevans> ab5tract: That function is already there. Database#uri
<ab5tract> well, thats handy :)
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<ab5tract> jeremyevans, does Database#uri take a hash?
<ab5tract> its sort of a stupid question, but im not getting the kind of uri i would expect by doing:
<ab5tract> irb(main):007:0> q = :adapter => 'jdbc', :database_type => 'postgresql', :host => 'localhost', :database => 'jblog', :user => 'waves'
<ab5tract> => #<Sequel::Database: "://waves@localhost/jblog">
<ab5tract> irb(main):009:0> q.uri
<ab5tract> => "://waves@localhost/jblog"
<ab5tract> my bad about all the pasting to the room, too, ill switch to pastie next time
<jeremyevans> ab5tract: You shouldn't create a database with it doesn't work that way. You could do>'jdbc:postgresql://localhost/jblog?user=waves'), but using Sequel.connect is better
<jeremyevans> ab5tract: Database#uri creates a URI from the existing hash of options (that it may have parsed from the given connection string)
<ab5tract> okay, so its a bit different than what i'll need
<jeremyevans> ab5tract: What are you trying to do?
<ab5tract> here's an example of how we set the database
<ab5tract> in sequel with mri:
<ab5tract> database = {:adapter => 'sqlite3', :database => 'here.db'}
<ab5tract> then later we do Sequel.connect( database )
<ab5tract> (basically, the real code is better than that)
<jeremyevans> You could just use connection strings everywhere: 'sqlite://here.db'
<ab5tract> so, for now i can set database = 'the/uri'
<ab5tract> or, we can write a hash to uri conversion
<ab5tract> jeremyevans, right
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<jeremyevans> ab5tract: If you want to continue using the hash, just use :uri=>'jdbc:...' for jdbc
<ab5tract> but we were thinking we would defer to whatever method the orm developers favor
<ab5tract> ah
<ab5tract> thats a good point
<ab5tract> however, it would probably be more clear to users to specify with the hashes, then we construct the uri for them
<jeremyevans> ab5tract: Note that using JRuby doesn't imply using JDBC. You can use the postgres-pr adapter, for example, it works fine.
<ab5tract> really?
<ab5tract> well thats good to know too
<ab5tract> postgres-pr works with sequel, then?
<jeremyevans> The hash to uri should be fairly easy. Look at Database#uri as a starting point. You'll have to use a different protocol, and handle the username and password differently, but otherwise it should be similar
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