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(gdb) disas 0x000000000042c13f, 0x000000000042c201
Dump of assembler code from 0x42c13f to 0x42c201:
0x000000000042c13f: mov 0x50(%rbx),%rax
0x000000000042c143: mov %rax,0x48(%rbx)
0x000000000042c147: mov $0x1,%eax
0x000000000042c14c: cmp $0x9,%edx
0x000000000042c14f: jle 0x42c2d4
0x000000000042c155: cmp %rbp,0x50(%rbx)
0x000000000042c159: je 0x42c1f4
0x000000000042c15f: subl $0x1,0x130(%rsp)
0x000000000042c167: cmpl $0xffffffff,0x130(%rsp)
0x000000000042c16f: je 0x42c17d
0x000000000042c171: mov 0x40(%rsp),%eax
0x000000000042c175: test %eax,%eax
0x000000000042c177: jg 0x42baf6
0x000000000042c17d: cmpb $0x0,0xe4(%rsp)
0x000000000042c185: je 0x42cbcf
0x000000000042c18b: cmpb $0x0,0x48(%rsp)
0x000000000042c190: je 0x42c1a2
0x000000000042c192: lea 0x2c0(%rsp),%rsi
0x000000000042c19a: mov %rbx,%rdi
0x000000000042c19d: callq 0x448b80
0x000000000042c1a2: mov 0x60(%rbx),%r11d
0x000000000042c1a6: test %r11d,%r11d
0x000000000042c1a9: jne 0x42c1bb
0x000000000042c1ab: lea 0x280(%rsp),%rsi
0x000000000042c1b3: mov %rbx,%rdi
0x000000000042c1b6: callq 0x448b80
0x000000000042c1bb: mov 0x78(%rsp),%esi
0x000000000042c1bf: test %esi,%esi
0x000000000042c1c1: jne 0x42c1d3
0x000000000042c1c3: lea 0x360(%rsp),%rsi
0x000000000042c1cb: mov %r14,%rdi
0x000000000042c1ce: callq 0x448c40
0x000000000042c1d3: mov (%r14),%r9d
0x000000000042c1d6: test %r9d,%r9d
0x000000000042c1d9: jne 0x427da4
0x000000000042c1df: lea 0x320(%rsp),%rsi
0x000000000042c1e7: mov %r14,%rdi
0x000000000042c1ea: callq 0x448c40
0x000000000042c1ef: jmpq 0x427da4
0x000000000042c1f4: movq $0x0,0x58(%rbx)
0x000000000042c1fc: cmp %rbp,0x58(%rbx)
=> 0x000000000042c200: jne 0x42c13f
End of assembler dump.
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