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Apps for a fresh Mac OS
1password - Password mangager
Adium - Instant messenger
Arq - Amazon s3 backup
Base - Sqlite db viewer
Caffeine - Keeps computer awake
Charles - Web debugging proxy
Cornerstone - SVN client
Cyberduck - FTP client
Delibar - Delicious bookmarking menu item
DiskWave - Monitor hdd space
Dropbox - Cloud storage
Echofon - Twitter Client
Facebook Notifications - Menu bar app
Facebook (Fluid app) - Fluid instance for Facebook
Fluid - Create site specific browsers
Flux - Change screen color night to be easier on eyes
Gabble - Yammer client
Google Chrome
Isolator - Blur background apps, focus on one
iStat Menus - Monitor computer resources
iTerm2 - Better terminal
iVI - Video conversion
Name Mangler - Batch file renamer
Quicksilver/Alfred - App launcher, just switched to Alfred
Sequel Pro - SQL DB viewer
Sparrow - Email client
Textmate - Text editor
Things - Todo list
Transmission - Bittorrent client
UnRarX - RAR archive extractor
VLC - Video player
Maybe Not This Time Pile:
Ecoute - Lightweight iTunes alternative
Microsoft Office
Camouflage - Hide desktop icons
Homebrew - Install unix tools (from @wolfeidau)
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ababushkin commented Sep 21, 2011

Ben, you're a legend!

Another few apps I like:

  • IntelliJ WebStorm (Text Mate alternative)
  • GitHub for Mac
  • Twitter for Mac (manu bar app as well)

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