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# get page # of 'last' page
curl -si https://github.<yourdomain>.com/api/v3/users/abackstrom/gists?access_token=$TOKEN | grep ^Link:
# download json metadata for all gists. use the right page range! curl expands the bracketed range
curl "https://github.<yourdomain>.com/api/v3/users/abackstrom/gists?access_token=$TOKEN&page=[1-27]" -o gists_#1.json
# clone all the repos
# install jq first.
jq -r '.[] | .git_pull_url' *.json | while read repo ; do git clone $repo ; done
# later, update all the repos
find . -type d -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 | while read repo ; do ( cd $repo && git rpull ) ; done
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