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Created October 28, 2020 16:09
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TiddlyWiki wikirule for JIRA ticket links
/*jslint node: true, browser: true */
/*global $tw: false */
"use strict"; = "jiralink";
exports.types = {inline: true};
exports.init = function(parser) {
this.parser = parser;
this.matchRegExp = new RegExp(/[A-Z]+-\d+/, "mg");
exports.parse = function() {
// Get the details of the match
var linkText = this.match[0];
var href = "" + linkText;
// Move past the macro call
this.parser.pos = this.matchRegExp.lastIndex;
return [{
type: "element",
tag: "a",
attributes: {
href: {type: "string", value: href},
"class": {type: "string", value: "tc-tiddlylink-external"},
target: {type: "string", value: "_blank"},
rel: {type: "string", value: "noopener noreferrer"}
children: [{
type: "text", text: this.match[0]
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Should use type application/javascript and field module-type: wikirule for this.

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