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Toshio Kuratomi abadger

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no_arch_data = None
name = epoch = vresion = release = arch = None
for [....]:
# current arch is valid
if re.findall(".*(x86_64|s390x|i86|ppc64le|aarch64)$", str(nevra.arch)):
name =
epoch = epoch or nevra.epoch
version = nevra.version
release = nevra.release
arch = nevra.arch
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In your classroom, you have ten students that are born in a variety of months.
(1) Use sets or frozensets to tell if anyone was born in the summer.
(2) Use sets or frozensets to tell who was born when the school year is not in session.
The summer months are June, July, and August.
The ten students and their birthdays are:
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Given a list of numbers that I will give you, loop through the list and
if it is even, add two to it. If it is odd, multiply it by two. Then
return the new list of numbers to me to use in my program.
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Write a small program that uses "string.format() to print a greeting card message to all the following people:
Here is a snippet from a log file:
abadger / gist:e3d0a7902425efa1224211778adae7e0
Created September 23, 2022 18:25
Collections added to the ansible tarball after the inclusion criteria were available
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2.10.0a1 => 2.10
abadger / gist:f516f167a572231fa2a8bc5efec70c36
Created August 23, 2022 17:49
toggle vim for copy and paste (using snake)
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@snake.key_map("<c-p>", mode=snake.INSERT_MODE)
def toggle_gutters_insert():
"""Turn the gutters off in insert mode to make mouse selection easier"""
line_no_value = snake.get_option('nu')
signcolumn_value = snake.get_option('signcolumn')
if signcolumn_value != 'no' or line_no_value != '0':
abadger / gist:4448b01107da3bfbe0ebf2a5f383ad81
Created August 8, 2022 17:36
Possible fix for python-2.6's pytest
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[root@c2r-20220808100827 convert2rhel]# git diff
diff --git a/convert2rhel/unit_tests/ b/convert2rhel/unit_tests/
index d608201..3652831 100644
--- a/convert2rhel/unit_tests/
+++ b/convert2rhel/unit_tests/
@@ -118,7 +118,11 @@ def system_cert_with_target_path(monkeypatch, tmpdir, request):
- mark = request.node.get_closest_marker("cert_filename")
abadger / gist:2e6c53fb524d1a5f4a01109ce4e1c184
Created August 8, 2022 16:36
full pytest testcase using get_marker on older pytest.
View gist:2e6c53fb524d1a5f4a01109ce4e1c184
import pytest
def system_cert_with_target_path(request):
if pytest.__version__.split('.') <= ('3', '6', '0'):
mark = request.node.get_marker("cert_filename")
abadger / gist:3b7a1cb42ae736cc9f25145969812817
Created August 5, 2022 18:16
get_marker for older pytest
View gist:3b7a1cb42ae736cc9f25145969812817
diff --git a/convert2rhel/unit_tests/ b/convert2rhel/unit_tests/
index 40ccf0b..acdd1d1 100644
--- a/convert2rhel/unit_tests/
+++ b/convert2rhel/unit_tests/
@@ -82,8 +82,11 @@ def system_cert_with_target_path(monkeypatch, tmpdir, request):
.. seealso::
+ if pytest.__version__.split('.') <= ('3', '6', '0'):
+ mark = request.node.get_marker("cert_filename")
abadger / gist:ea56e68798d792853315096017307077
Created July 8, 2022 17:13
Get some introspected info from objects. This is only prof-of-concept level code. Good for a one-off but needs work if you want it in production.
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def obj_inspector(obj):
attributes = {}
functions = {}
special_functions = {}
for attribute_name in dir(obj):
attribute_value = getattr(obj, attribute_name)
attribute_category = attributes