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Import and some libraries and declare graph loader function
import os
import sys
import numpy as np
import tensorflow as tf
# From lm_1b
import language_model.lm_1b.data_utils as data_utils
from six.moves import xrange
from google.protobuf import text_format
# Adopted from
def LoadModel(gd_file, ckpt_file):
"""Load the model from GraphDef and Checkpoint.
Args: gd_file: GraphDef proto text file. ckpt_file: TensorFlow Checkpoint file.
Returns: TensorFlow session and tensors dict."""
with tf.Graph().as_default():
#class FastGFile: File I/O wrappers without thread locking.
with tf.gfile.FastGFile(gd_file, 'r') as f:
# Py 2: s =
s =
# Serialized version of Graph
gd = tf.GraphDef()
# Merges an ASCII representation of a protocol message into a message.
text_format.Merge(s, gd)'Recovering Graph %s', gd_file)
t = {}
[t['states_init'], t['lstm/lstm_0/control_dependency'],
t['lstm/lstm_1/control_dependency'], t['softmax_out'], t['class_ids_out'],
t['class_weights_out'], t['log_perplexity_out'], t['inputs_in'],
t['targets_in'], t['target_weights_in'], t['char_inputs_in'],
t['all_embs'], t['softmax_weights'], t['global_step']
] = tf.import_graph_def(gd, {}, ['states_init',
'global_step:0'], name='')
sess = tf.Session(config=tf.ConfigProto(allow_soft_placement=True))'save/restore_all', {'save/Const:0': ckpt_file})['states_init'])
return sess, t
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