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New Declarative Pipeline features in 1.1
pipeline {
agent {
// "node" is a new agent type that works the same as "label" but allows
// additional parameters, such as "customWorkspace" below.
node {
label "some-label"
// This is equivalent to the "ws(...)" step - sets the workspace on the
// agent to a hard-coded path. If it's not an absolute path, it'll be
// relative to the agent's workspace root.
customWorkspace "/use/this/path/instead"
// Shared libraries can now be loaded in through the Declarative syntax,
// as shown below.
libraries {
// REGRESSION: JENKINS-42748 - string escaping for Windows paths in
// "environment" when using single quotes. This is being investigated.
environment {
// Environment variables can now reference other environment variables!
// They can also reference the workspace path!
PATH_IN_WS = "${WORKSPACE}/child/path"
stages {
stage('some-stage') {
// REGRESSION: JENKINS-42762 - in 1.1.1, you can't nest multiple
// conditions directly within "when". You need to use "when { allOf { ... } }"
// instead. This will be fixed in the next release.
when {
// We have added logical conditions for "when" - specifically...
// "anyOf" - contains 1 or more nested condition and will resolve
// to true if *any* of the nested conditions are true.
anyOf {
// "allOf" - contains 1 or more nested conditions an will resolve
// to true if *all* of the nested conditions are true.
allOf {
branch "master"
expression {
// REGRESSION: JENKINS-42829 - methods defined elsewhere in
// the Jenkinsfile currently can't be used in "when" "expression"s.
return true
// "not" - contains 1 nested condition and will resolve to true
// if the nested condition is false.
not {
branch "some-other-branch-entirely"
steps {
// We've added the "validateDeclarativePipeline('some-file')" step,
// which will let you perform validation of a Declarative Pipeline
// from within a different Pipeline. This step can be used in
// Scripted Pipeline as well.
echo validateDeclarativePipeline("some-other-file.groovy")
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