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Linux shell script to automate the setup tasks for doing work on public Github Python projects
#!/bin/bash -i
# Note: Script must run in interactive mode (/bin/bash -i) in shebang line
# Description:
# Automatically fork an open source Github Python project and setup a local
# virtual environment to work on it inside a new branch.
# This is especially useful for quickly submitting a patch to a project, and
# is just a wrapper script tying together a few existing great utilities.
# Usage:
# $ github_fork <repo_username> <repo_name> <new_branch_name>
# Example:
# To fix a bug in, say, the mezzanine project:
# $ github_fork stephenmcd mezzanine mybugfix
# Now it's forked, and you're ready start working in the new local branch
# "mybugfix", which has been created in a virtual env.
# Requirements:
# - a Github account
# - git
# - hub (
# - virtualenvwrapper (
# Enable virtualenvwrapper commands
source /usr/local/bin/
alias git=hub
echo "----> Cloning $REPO_NAME"
echo "----> Creating virtual environment"
mkvirtualenv $REPO_NAME
echo "----> Creating new local branch $FEATURE_NAME"
git checkout -b $FEATURE_NAME
echo "----> Forking $REPO_NAME on GitHub"
git fork
echo "======================================================================="
echo "When finishing and commiting the repo changes, type:"
echo "$ git push <your_github_username> $FEATURE_NAME"
echo "Then..."
echo "$ git pull-request"
echo "...a text editor will open to enter the pull request's title & message"
echo "======================================================================="
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