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Lambda function to update whitelist with newrelic IPs
import os
import json
import boto3
import urllib3
# Set the following in the Lambda Environment variables
IP_SET_ID = os.environ.get('IP_SET_ID')
Special_IPs = os.environ.get('SPECIAL_IPS').split(',')
def get_change_token():
client = boto3.client('waf-regional')
return client.get_change_token()['ChangeToken']
def get_latest_minion_ips():
http = urllib3.PoolManager()
response = http.request(
'GET', '')
if response.status == 200:
nr_ips = json.loads(
all_ips = [nr_ips[location] for location in nr_ips]
return sum(all_ips, [])
def get_ip_set_ips():
client = boto3.client('waf-regional')
response = client.get_ip_set(IPSetId=IP_SET_ID)
if 'IPSet' in response:
set_ips = [ip['Value'].rstrip(
'/32') for ip in response['IPSet']['IPSetDescriptors'] if ip['Value'] not in Special_IPs]
return set_ips
def update_waf_rule():
client = boto3.client('waf-regional')
nr_ips = get_latest_minion_ips()
waf_ips = get_ip_set_ips()
to_delete = [{'Action': 'DELETE', 'IPSetDescriptor': {
'Type': 'IPV4', 'Value': '{}/32'.format(v)}} for v in waf_ips if v not in nr_ips]
to_add = [{'Action': 'INSERT', 'IPSetDescriptor': {'Type': 'IPV4',
'Value': '{}/32'.format(v)}} for v in nr_ips if v not in waf_ips]
updates = to_add + to_delete
response = client.update_ip_set(
def lambda_handler(event, context):
if __name__ == "__main__":
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