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package object mail {
implicit def stringToSeq(single: String): Seq[String] = Seq(single)
implicit def liftToOption[T](t: T): Option[T] = Some(t)
sealed abstract class MailType
case object Plain extends MailType
case object Rich extends MailType
case object MultiPart extends MailType
case class Mail(
from: (String, String), // (email -> name)
to: Seq[String],
cc: Seq[String] = Seq.empty,
bcc: Seq[String] = Seq.empty,
subject: String,
message: String,
richMessage: Option[String] = None,
attachment: Option[(] = None
object send {
def a(mail: Mail) {
import org.apache.commons.mail._
val format =
if (mail.attachment.isDefined) MultiPart
else if (mail.richMessage.isDefined) Rich
else Plain
val commonsMail: Email = format match {
case Plain => new SimpleEmail().setMsg(mail.message)
case Rich => new HtmlEmail().setHtmlMsg(mail.richMessage.get).setTextMsg(mail.message)
case MultiPart => {
val attachment = new EmailAttachment()
new MultiPartEmail().attach(attachment).setMsg(mail.message)
// TODO Set authentication from your configuration, sys properties or w/e
// Can't add these via fluent API because it produces exceptions foreach (commonsMail.addTo(_)) foreach (commonsMail.addCc(_))
mail.bcc foreach (commonsMail.addBcc(_))
setFrom(mail.from._1, mail.from._2).
package something
object Demo {
import mail._
send a new Mail (
from = ("", "John Smith"),
to = "",
cc = "",
subject = "Import stuff",
message = "Dear Boss..."
send a new Mail (
from = "" -> "John Smith",
to = Seq("", ""),
subject = "Our New Strategy (tm)",
message = "Please find attach the latest strategy document.",
richMessage = "Here's the <blink>latest</blink> <strong>Strategy</strong>..."
send a new Mail (
from = "" -> "John Smith",
to = "" :: "" :: Nil,
subject = "Our 5-year plan",
message = "Here is the presentation with the stuff we're going to for the next five years.",
attachment = new"/home/boss/important-presentation.ppt")
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