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//In library
trait Event
trait EventCombiner[A <: Event] {
def initialValue: Int
def combineEvents(value: Int, e2: A): Int
def foldEvents[A <: Event](list: Seq[A])(implicit C: EventCombiner[A]): Int =
//Outside library
sealed trait HandledEvent extends Event with Product with Serializable
object HandledEvent {
implicit val handledEvent: EventCombiner[HandledEvent] = new EventCombiner[HandledEvent] {
override def initialValue: Int = 0
override def combineEvents(value: Int, e2: HandledEvent): Int = {
e2 match {
case Reset => 0
case Inc(i) => value + i
case Noop => value
case object Reset extends HandledEvent
case class Inc(by: Int) extends HandledEvent
case object Noop extends HandledEvent
private val events = Seq(Inc(5), Inc(2), Inc(3), Reset, Inc(2))
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