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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Android vs iPhone

Summary of the last argument at HappyPancake team about iPhone vs Google Nexus with @pjvds.

This discussion, unlike last discussions about Facebook Flux or JSON assertions, was over in 10 minutes.

  1. iPhone is a product with premium design and polish. It is more expensive.
  2. Google Nexus is a good product with similar hardware specs but less polish. It is less expensive.
  3. Recent iOS updates make iPhones feel outdated slightly faster than recent Android changes.
  4. App ecosystems of iPhone and Android are comparable. iPhone has a few more exclusive apps and apps are generally more expensive and polished. Android has more apps with lower quality on the average.

Pieter: values iPhone design and likes polished, premium feeling. He is willing to pay for that.

Rinat: prefers Google Nexus, since it feels great, has similar hardware specs and is less expensive.

Tomas: prefers iPhone, since it just works and is well designed. He dislikes the Safari for its treatment of HTML standards.

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