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Convert tabular pdf data to a csv and also read it as a python dataframe
# It's really stupid when the gov't releases pdf's of tabular data. So I made a quick, hacky script to
# fix their mistakes for them. (I'm referring to )
# requirements:
# pandas
# tabula-py
import pandas as pd
from tabula import read_pdf
# read the pdf-- it's all messed up and only one space-delimited column.
# also it defauls to only loading one page unless you specify pages='all' or
# a different int or list.
df = read_pdf("exhibit_b.pdf", pages='all')
# fix the columns
df['user id'] = df['user id handle'].apply(lambda x: x.split()[0])
df['handle'] = df['user id handle'].apply(lambda x: x.split()[1])
df = df.drop('user id handle', axis=1)
# output to csv
df.to_csv('exhibit_b.csv', index=False)
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