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Script for backfilling DBT models which use partitions
#!/usr/bin/env python
import json
import copy
import sys
import argparse
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
# dictionary of partiton names to variable generating functions
def week_partitions(x):
x = x - timedelta(days=x.isoweekday() % 7)
return { 'year': x.strftime('%Y'), 'month': x.strftime('%m'), 'day': x.strftime('%d'), 'week': x.strftime('%W'), 'part': x.strftime('%Y_%W') }
'day': lambda x: { 'year': x.strftime('%Y'), 'month': x.strftime('%m'), 'day': x.strftime('%d'), 'part': x.strftime('%Y_%m_%d') },
'week': lambda x: week_partitions(x),
'month': lambda x: { 'year': x.strftime('%Y'), 'month': x.strftime('%m'), 'part': x.strftime('%Y_%m') },
'year': lambda x: { 'year': x.strftime('%Y'), 'part': x.strftime('%Y') }
class DbtBackfill(object):
def __init__(self,
to_date = datetime.utcnow(),
partition = 'month',
Initialize parameters for backfill job.
self.model = model = target
self.from_date = from_date
self.to_date = to_date
# check for valid parititons
if partition not in PARTITIONS:
raise ValueError("'partition' must by one of: {0}".format(", ".join(PARTITIONS.keys())))
self.partition = partition
self.var_prefix = var_prefix
self.profiles_dir = profiles_dir
self.static_vars = {self._gen_var_key(k):v for k,v in static_vars.items()}
def _gen_var_key(self, k):
Add a prefix to a key.
if self.var_prefix == "": return k
return "{}_{}".format(self.var_prefix, k)
def _gen_vars(self, partition):
format vars as JSON
d = copy.copy(self.static_vars)
return json.dumps(d)
def _gen_command(self, partition):
Generate a dbt command
return [
"dbt", "run",
"--profiles-dir", self.profiles_dir,
"--models", self.model,
"--vars", "{}".format(self._gen_vars(partition))
def _run_command(self, cmd):
Execute a dbt command and catch errors.
sys.stderr.write("{0} | Backfill command: {1}\n"\
.format('%H:%M:%S'), " ".join(cmd)))
process = Popen(cmd, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
stdout, stderr = process.communicate()
if process.returncode != 0:
def partitions(self):
A list of partitions to build.
delta = self.to_date - self.from_date
all_parts = [
PARTITIONS[self.partition](self.from_date + timedelta(days=i))
for i in range(delta.days+1)
seen = set()
parts = []
for p in all_parts:
if p['part'] not in seen:
parts.append({self._gen_var_key(k):v for k,v in p.items()})
return parts
def commands(self):
A list of commands to run for each partition
return list(map(self._gen_command, self.partitions))
def run(self):
Run all partitions
return list(map(self._run_command, self.commands))
# function for parsing cli-input date
cli_format_date = lambda x: datetime.strptime(x, '%Y-%m-%d').date()
def cli():
Command line interface.
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(prog="backfill-model")
parser.add_argument("--model", default=None, required=True,
help="The model to backfill.")
parser.add_argument("--target", default='dev',
help="The target to run dbt with (default: dev).")
parser.add_argument("--from-date", default=None, required=True,
help="The date at which to start the backfill.")
parser.add_argument("--to-date", default=None, required=True,
help="The date at which to end the backfill.")
parser.add_argument("--partition", default=None, required=True,
help="The unit to parition backfill jobs by (day/week/month/year).")
parser.add_argument("--var-prefix", default="",
help="A prefix to add to each variable passed to dbt (day => prefix_day)")
parser.add_argument("--profiles-dir", default="~/.dbt/",
help="The directory that your dbt profile is stored in.")
parser.add_argument("--static-vars", default="{}", type=json.loads,
help="static variables (formatted as JSON) to pass to dbt's --vars option.\
--var-prefix will apply to these variables as well")
args = parser.parse_args()
backfill = DbtBackfill(
model = args.model,
target =,
from_date = args.from_date,
to_date = args.to_date,
partition = args.partition,
var_prefix = args.var_prefix,
static_vars = args.static_vars,
profiles_dir = args.profiles_dir
if __name__ == '__main__':
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