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D web development package

These are some recommended D web development packages from Dub you may need. These following are choosing because I've either personally used them or they have good documentation.

Any recommendation? Please let me know in the comments.

Web frameworks

  • vibe-d (its like Express.js from Node.js/Javascript)
  • hunt-framework (its like Laravel from PHP)




  • dxml

request handling (HTTP, GraphQl, ..)

  • requests
  • arsd.http
  • arsd.http2
  • graphqld

JSON web tokens (JWT)

  • jwt
  • itsdangerous

Web scraping

  • arsd.dom

Data validation and sanitization

  • nyinaa

HTML parsers

  • arrogant
  • arsd.htmltotext


  • commonmark-d dmarkdown

Hashing and crypto

  • botan
  • secured

Unique or random id generators

  • hashids
  • dutils-random

Currency and decimal handling

  • money
  • fixedpoint
  • decimal


D's standard library has good date support but these may come in handy

  • dateparser
  • fuzzydate ( "a minute ago" or "2 years ago", etc)


  • mysql-native (MySQL)
  • database ( MySQL/MariaDB & PostgreSQL driver
  • d2sqlite3 (SQLite)
  • ddbc (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and ODBC)
  • vibe-d-postgresql
  • dpq2


  • redisd
  • dredis


  • vibe.db
  • mondo


  • silly
  • unit-threaded


  • mongostore (SessionStore for MongoDB)
  • mongoschemad (MongoDB Schema support)
  • diskuto (Embedded comment engine)
  • faked (library to create fake data)


  • Vibe-d web frameworks has many compatible packages click here to see them all
  • arsd-official is a collection of so many general utilities for all sorts of tasks by Adam Ruppe.
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