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Last active Sep 27, 2018

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Clone gist in Desktop

Download the user.js file and then drop it into your chrome://extensions/ tab and enjoy the Clone in Desktop button on your gists!

// ==UserScript==
// @id clonegistindesktop
// @name Clone gist in Desktop
// @author Antoine BERNIER (abernier)
// @version 0.0.2
// @description Add a 'Clone in Desktop' button to gists
// @match*
// ==/UserScript==
(function () {
var li = document.createElement('li');
var downloadLi = document.querySelector('a[href*="/download"]').parentNode;
var repoUrl = document.querySelector('input[name="url-field"]').getAttribute('value');
// make a copy of the download li
li.innerHTML = downloadLi.innerHTML;
// Change some things
li.innerHTML = li.innerHTML.replace(/href="[^"]*"/, 'href="github-mac://openRepo/' + repoUrl + '"');
li.innerHTML = li.innerHTML.replace('Download Gist', 'Clone in Desktop');
li.innerHTML = li.innerHTML.replace('octicon-cloud-download', 'octicon-device-desktop');
// insert just before
downloadLi.parentNode.insertBefore(li, downloadLi);

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abernier commented Feb 3, 2014

Just updated so it now re-works for new gists interface ;)


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Dyndrilliac commented Sep 24, 2014

Can you add this to the Chrome web store? Even with developer mode enabled, the stable branch of Chrome for Windows only allows extensions that come from the Chrome web store. I wish GitHub would make add this feature to Gist pages, but until then this seems to be the only avenue for cloning Gists using the GitHub desktop on Windows. Cloning manually from the command-line is lame!

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