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abexultan / BeagleBone Black Ubuntu Installation
Last active June 6, 2018 05:02
BeagleBone Black Ubuntu Installation Guide

Using Linux machine:

  1. Follow the link and go to Method 1 installation. (flash the image using "dd", not the shell command they recommend)
  2. After this go to SD card's boot directory and uncomment the line


  1. Insert SD card into powered-off BBB and, while holding S2 button (boot) on the board, plug in the USB power. Wait, untill all 4 user LEDs are on in a pattern or sequence, then you can release the boot button. Installation is complete, when all of the 4 LEDs are off.
  2. Power off your BBB, comment back the line mantioned in step 2. Then power your BBB and this time, your BeagleBone will boot from the eMMC.