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Last active August 22, 2020 15:25
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Contribution Summary

  • Project - Tern
  • Organisation - Python Software Foundation
  • Sub-Org - Tern

My major task was to implement collection of metadata of modules and packages installed by different language package managers like pip, npm etc. Another important feature I implemented was HTML format for tern to view its report generated in a more readble format.

List of Commits

Metadata Extraction of golang modules

Commit Title
bd94e91 Enable golang package listing
b6f353a Add support to execute commands from WORKDIR

Metadata Extraction of npm, pip, gem and yarn modules

Commit Title
cc71316 Adding support for bundler
db83e03 Enable npm and yarn package listing
6c2bee2 Enable pip package listing
48b196f Enable gem package listing

HTML format for tern

Commit Title
d8960bb Add CI test for HTML format
aca49c6 Add new HTML report format
352e037 Move license collection reporting to

What's left to do ?

Implement copyright parser to extract licenes from golang modules copyright texts.


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