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A simple component which is created when user clicks the cancel order button in the app. It is responsible for showing a confirmation dialog and actually cancelling the order by making an API call.
class OrderCancellationComponent(private val context: Context,
private val api: Api,
private val orderNumber: String) {
interface Callbacks {
fun onOrderCancelledSuccessfully()
fun onOrderCancellationFailed()
var callbacks: Callbacks? = null // Callbacks for communication with the parent component
private val cancelOrderDialog: DialogCard // A wrapper over bottom sheet dialog
init {
// Each component can attach a container view in the Activity.
// This behaviour is abstracted by the DialogCard.
// All a component needs to do is inflate a view to show in the dialog.
val contentView = LayoutInflater.from(context).inflate(R.layout.dialog_cancel_order, null)
cancelOrderDialog = DialogCard(context, contentView)
val cancelButton = contentView.findViewById<Button>(
cancelButton.setOnClickListener {
// Shows the confirmation dialog when invoked by the parent.
fun showConfirmationDialog() {
// Dimsisses the dialog when back is pressed.
fun onBackPress() {
// Dismisses the dialog
private fun dismiss() {
// Makes an API call to acually cancel the order.
private fun cancelOrder() {
subscription = api.cancelOrder(...)
override fun onSuccess(...) {
override fun onError(e: Throwable) {
Toast.makeText(activity, "Could not cancel order", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show()
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