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// You're hosting an event, and the admission tickets are expensive. Groups of people are trying to cheat the system by using the same tickets multiple times. Stop them!
// 1) Create a constructor function called Ticket that takes one parameter, code, and creates a Ticket object.
// The Ticket object will have the following parameters:
// code : a string that stores the ticket code
// used : a boolean that stores whether or not the ticket has been used yet
// useTicket: a function registers that the ticket has been used and prevents reuse or tampering
// 2) Create a function called validTicket to check whether the ticket is valid and return true or false. For a ticket to be valid,
// the ticket code must match the correct code, and the ticket must be unused.
function Ticket(code){
this.code = code;
this.used = false;
this.useTicket = function(){
this.used = true;
function validTicket(ticket, correctCode){
return !ticket.used && ticket.code == correctCode;
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