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Last active August 22, 2021 07:22
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About Mifos

Mifos Initiative aims at bringing all kinds of financial services to the parts of the world which are unbacked by following the moto "Ending Poverty One Line Of Code At A Time".

The Mission

To speed the elimination of poverty by coordinating a global community that builds, supports, and uses Mifos X, a free and open source platform that enables financial service providers to more effectively and efficiently deliver responsible financial services to the world’s 2 billion poor and unbanked.

GSoC Project

I would like to thank Edward Cable , Rajan Maurya and Abhilash G for their support and guidance throughout the last 3 months

The project that I worked on during GSoC 2019 is mifos-mobile-cn which is a client facing app that uses the fineract-cn services as backend for providing mobile banking services for the customers. The client would be able to view all details of their bank account like deposit and loan accounts and also do transactions with this app. Thus the app brings the customers one step closer to open banking.

Goals Achieved during GSoC 19

  • Added Customer Details:

    • As the app is meant to serve the clients there should be a page where the client is able to review all their details and all the accounts they have like Deposit and Loan.
    • Identification Cards
    • Identification Card Details
    • Photo of Identification Cards
    • Current Status
    • Recent Activities






  • Migration to Android X:

    • As the Google libraries have been rebranded by Google to Android Jetpack it is necessary to migrate the project to Android X. I have updated all the dependencies in the project, migrated the project to Android X and have also fixed all errors that came up during the migration.

  • Loan Review Page:

    • Added a review page to the “Apply for Loan” page so that the user is able to review the forms that he/she filled before submitting thereby reducing the chances of entering incorrect data.



  • Customer Profile Page:

    • The customer is able to add a profile picture while creating his/her account, which they are able to view from the “Customer Details” page by clicking on the profile picture that appears at the top of the screen.

Profile Page

  • Added Recent transactions:

    • The customer can view all their recent transactions from the app by clicking on the “Recent Transactions” button from the home screen.

Recent transactions

  • Products:

    • When new financial products are released the customers can view them by clicking on the product button in the navigation bar.


  • Code clean up and warning

    • After migrating to Android X there were several warning and boilerplate code, all of which has been resolved.

  • DataManager for Customer and Identifier

    • Initially, the app was made using a fake data-layer since the server was not up to use the data for development. The implementation to fetch the data from the API and manage it for use in the app has been implemented on Customer and Identifier features.

  • Loan Details

    • The Customer is able to view the details of his/her loan account by clicking on the Account from the “Loan Account” screen.They can also view their corresponding planned payments and Debt income report.





  • Deposit Details

    • The Customer can view the details of their Deposit Accounts by selecting their corresponding deposit account from the accounts tab.


  • Gitter channel and Travis

    • Since the app requires a separate channel for developer communication, I have created a Gitter channel and have added the same in the file. I have also added a GitHub badge which shows the status of Travis Build of the latest commit.

  • About Us

    • Added the “About Us” page which contains the details of Open-Source Licences and Mifos Privacy Policies.




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