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GSoC 2018 Final Report and Code

GSoC 2018 Report, Pocket Science Lab, Abhinav Raj - FOSSASIA

This Summer, I worked on FOSSASIA's Pocket Science Lab Android. Pocket Science Lab is an Open Source hardware device (open on all layers). The Android App for PSLab aims to run PSLab device in android smartphones. Pocket Science Lab enables the user to perform various experiments and study a wide range of phenomena.

During the Google Summer of Code I with my fellow developers worked to develop Pocket Science Lab Android Application. Pocket Science Lab Android as the name suggests brings the whole science lab to your pocket by giving users various functionalities like Oscilliscope, Wave Generator, Power Souce, Multimeter, Logical analyzer, Luxmeter etc. via Android Smartphone.

GSoC Link

GitHub Link

Website Link

Get it on Google Play

My Contribution to the codebase is listed below

PSLab Android

PSLab Experiments

Additional Links

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