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// The function to count words in Unicode strings
function count_unicode_words( $unicode_string ){
// First remove all the punctuation marks & digits
$unicode_string = preg_replace('/[[:punct:][:digit:]]/', '', $unicode_string);
// Now replace all the whitespaces (tabs, new lines, multiple spaces) by single space
$unicode_string = preg_replace('/[[:space:]]/', ' ', $unicode_string);
// The words are now separated by single spaces and can be splitted to an array
// I have included \n\r\t here as well, but only space will also suffice
$words_array = preg_split( "/[\n\r\t ]+/", $unicode_string, 0, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY );
// Now we can get the word count by counting array elments
return count($words_array);
// Using the function
$unicode_string = 'शब्दों को गिनने के लिए एक सैंपल यूनिकोड वाक्य।';
$word_count = count_unicode_words( $unicode_string );
echo $word_count;
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