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One-liner to download youtube video in Python
# Author: Abhinay Omkar
# Title: One-liner to download youtube video in Python
from urllib import urlopen, unquote; from urlparse import parse_qs, urlparse; youtube_watchurl=""; video_id = parse_qs(urlparse(youtube_watchurl).query)['v'][0]; open(video_id+'.mp4', 'wb').write(urlopen(""%(video_id, parse_qs(unquote(urlopen('' + video_id).read().decode('utf-8')))['token'][0])).read())

skeggse commented Jul 30, 2012

At the moment, this does not work.

So we have a problem now, most videos cannot be downloaded as they have been protected by uploader to disallow playback on external sites

'youtube-dl' works like a charm

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