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Puppet Module : No Code In Data ~ using PuppetDB in masterless puppet
storeconfigs = true
storeconfigs_backend = puppetdb
reports = store,puppetdb
pluginsync = true
server = $FQDN
port = 8081
terminus: facter
cache: facter
# to download puppetdb and dependent puppet modules
puppet module install puppetlabs/puppetdb
# to install puppetdb and default postgresql
puppet apply -e "class { 'puppetdb': }"
puppet apply -e "package{ 'puppetdb-terminus': }"
# backing up ssl dirs if they exist
if [ -d /etc/puppet/ssl ]; then
mv /etc/puppet/ssl /etc/puppet/ssl.bak
if [ -d /etc/puppetdb/ssl ]; then
mv /etc/puppetdb/ssl /etc/puppetdb/ssl.bak
# Fixing CA usage as masterless
FQDN=`facter fqdn`
puppet cert generate $FQDN
puppetdb-ssl-setup -f
# adding FQDN to IP host mapping at PuppetDB and all nodes used
IPADDRESS=`facter ipaddress`
echo "$IPADDRESS $FQDN" >> /etc/hosts
# /sbin/service or whatever service command you use
/sbin/service puppetdb restart
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