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a smooth multicolored parchment

First Person: Barely moving your lips, you quietly begin an incantation for [Spell Name], twitching your fingers in time with each word... Third Person: Alornen's fingers begin to twitch, the movement of his lips barely perceptible as he prepares a spell. Hidden or Invisible: A faint disturbance stirs the air, accompanied by a barely audible chant.

a bound white scroll

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>;foreach item in my backpack; tap item; read item;
--- Lich: foreach active.
>;foreach in my backpack; tap item; read item;
In the backpack:
Special [116]: a bound white scroll, a tangle of oily kelp stipe, a crimson and yellow vellum, a translucent sheaf of parchment (5), a thin hoarfrost-rimed slip (5), a treated orc hide (4), a carved fulfurous rock species, a thin sheet of music (3), a treated troll hide (3), a waxed willow leaflet (3), a greasy prayerbook page (4), a petrified seed-encrusted cake (2), an odd-hued waxed parchment (3), a mottled thick parchment (5), a ripped multicolored parchment, a heavily embelished parchment (3), a smooth multicolored parchment (3), a thick mist-filled jar, a slip of antique yellow paper (2), a leaf-edged flat brown paper (2), a silvery piece of papyrus (4), a thin hoarfrost-rimed papyrus (3), a cloudy off-white vellum (2), a piece of oily species, a colorful starburst token, a scribbled parchment (3), an ebon transparent vellum (6), a piece of dark species, a fossili
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cloak = GameObj.inv.find { |obj| obj.noun == "cloak" }
# TODO filter to note types rather than hard-coding
["light yellow note", "pale pink note", "bright pink note", "pale blue note", "bright orange note", "vivid pink note", "deep black note", "vivid blue note", "light pink note", "light blue note", "bright blue note"].each { |note_type|
fput "stow all"
return if cloak.contents.nil?
while note = cloak.contents.find { |obj| == note_type || == "stack of #{note_type}s" }
fput "get ##{}"
fput "bundle"
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8"/>
<title>Untitled benchmark</title>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="./suite.js"></script>
<h1>Open the console to view the results</h1>