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Last active Sep 8, 2020
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Use to select top 100 repos by number of commits
select repository_name, count(repository_name) as pushes, repository_description, repository_url
from [githubarchive:github.timeline]
where type="PushEvent"
and repository_language="Emacs Lisp"
and parse_utc_usec(created_at) >= parse_utc_usec('2014-01-01 00:00:00')
group by repository_name, repository_description, repository_url
order by pushes desc
limit 100
emacswiki.org517 official Emacswiki repository
emacs-archive-tracker355 script in emacs-lisp to track some statistics about emacs package archives.
lispy305 Paredit
helm284 incremental completion and selection narrowing framework
melpa278 for building Emacs packages from Version Control
remirepo265 files and patches
gnu-apl-mode180 APL mode for Emacs
flycheck176 on the fly syntax checking for GNU Emacs
config170 dotfiles
magit156’s Magit! An Emacs mode for Git.
deepin-emacs156 emacs
structured-haskell-mode133 editing minor mode for Haskell in Emacs
org-trello131 minor mode - 2-way sync org & trello
.emacs.d129 Eagleson’s Emacs config.
dot-emacs127 emacs configuration
ebib127 BibTeX database manager for Emacs
el-get122 the external elisp bits and pieces upon which you depend!
emacs.d121’s emacs configuration plus C/C++ support
notes121 notes
aquamacs-emacs116 Aquamacs development repo
.emacs.d113 opinionated configuration for the One True Editor
dotfiles110 dot files
emacsql109 high-level Emacs Lisp front-end for SQLite.
dotfiles-thomasf-emacs106 configuration
emacs_conf106 emacs config files on linux
emacs.d105 Emacs configuration bundle with batteries included
cask103 dependency management made easy
Pyrulis103 with programming languages
emacs-live-packs102 emacs-live packs the git submodule way.
dotemacs101 Emacs settings
cider99 is a Clojure IDE and REPL for Emacs
roguel-ike98 roguelike for Emacs
dotfiles98’s dotfiles
config98 configs
emacs95 config files
chrisdone-emacs95 Emacs configuration
configs87 personal unix config files
emacs.d85 init files
.emacs.d80 emacs configuration, written as literate elisp
dot-emacs79 .emacs.el file and other personal Emacs goodies
dotfiles77 config files
dotfiles77 collection of a bunch of my .files
project-explorer76 project explorer sidebar
cider74 Emacs client for nREPL, the Clojure networked REPL server
lesliezhu.github.com74 GitHub Blog������������������������
prodigy.el73 external services from within Emacs
Schimpy72 for the formal verification of Arduino code. The compiler generates executable Arduino code, as well as models for both the NuSMV model checker and the PRISM model checker which can be used to verify that certain properties on the program hold.
emacs.d72 Emacs configurations
emacs.d71 configuration
zzemacs70 configure
zaufi-overlay69 gentoo ebuilds
clj-refactor.el69 tiny collection of clojure refactoring functions for Emacs
dotfiles69 dotfiles
malabar-mode68 better Java mode for Emacs
dotEmacs67 Emacs configuration
.emacs.d66 settings and customizations.
EmacsConfig66 configuration, last-recent.
.emacs.d64 Config Files
helm-dash63 Dash docsets inside emacs
dotfiles62 files
emacsandcheese62 conf collaboration
bbdb360 and debian packaging of reboot of the BBDB Insidious Big Brother Database for Emacs
tubo-env60 personal desktop enviroment, including emacs, fvwm,
.emacs.d60 configuration files
dot_files59 dot files
dot.emacs.d59 emacs configration
.emacs.d58 is my .emacs.d setting files of Emacs23
emacs.d58 configuration
dotemacs58 configuration for vim users
emacs-pow58 ( apps management on emacs
baboon-emacs58 for my .emacs
arch-xmonad-zsh57 Linux, Xmonad, Zsh, and friends - my configuration
worf56 bindings for org-mode
.emacs.d56 .emacs.d
idris-mode55 syntax highlighting, compiler-supported editing, interactive REPL and more things for emacs.
es-windows55 utilities
.emacs.d55 from Prelude and Purcell’s .emacs.d
steckemacs54 configuration/init file that tries to fetch everything necessary from ELPA, Marmelade and MELPA on startup.
helm54 incremental completion and selection narrowing framework
emacs54 emacs configuration
org53 org-mode files, sources for my blog articles, emails, and other notes.
ede-compdb52 Development Environment (EDE) wrapper for Compilation Database projects
dotfiles52 configuration files
prog-stuff51 environment with it’s own package manager.
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