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Created Jan 31, 2016
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Find the "branching off" point between two commits, irrespective of how many times they've been merged into each other.
#!/bin/bash -e
# Filter out early commits that are not common ancestors
# Also helpfully throws an error if there are *no* common ancestors.
FRONTIER=$(git rev-list --boundary "$BRANCH_A"..."$BRANCH_B" | grep ^- | cut -d- -f2)
# Only happens if branch A == branch B exactly
if [ -z "$FRONTIER" ]; then
echo "$(git rev-parse "$BRANCH_A")"
exit 0
# Find topologically-first cut
while read rev; do
# Check if rev is a cut for both branches
[ "$(git rev-list --boundary "$BRANCH_A" "$BRANCH_B" "^$rev" | grep ^-)" == "-$rev" ] || continue
# Found it!
echo "$rev"
exit 0
done < <(git rev-list --topo-order $FRONTIER)
# Unreachable
exit 1
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