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Created June 22, 2021 09:17
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package com.cleanarchitectkotlinflowhiltsimplestway.presentation
import org.json.JSONObject
import retrofit2.HttpException
open class NetworkErrorException(
val errorCode: Int = -1,
val errorMessage: String,
val response: String = ""
) : Exception() {
override val message: String
get() = localizedMessage
override fun getLocalizedMessage(): String {
return errorMessage
companion object {
fun parseException(e: HttpException): NetworkErrorException {
val errorBody = e.response()?.errorBody()?.string()
return try {//here you can parse the error body that comes from server
NetworkErrorException(e.code(), JSONObject(errorBody!!).getString("message"))
} catch (_: Exception) {
NetworkErrorException(e.code(), "unexpected error!!ً")
class AuthenticationException(authMessage: String) :
NetworkErrorException(errorMessage = authMessage) {}
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