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@abp /graph.clj
Last active Oct 13, 2015

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Dependency graph iteration. (Part of lib to come soon)
(defn iterate
(iterate graph {}))
([graph state]
(iterate graph state
(->> graph
(remove nil?)
([graph state start-key]
(let [start-fn (key->fnk graph start-key)
dependents (deps/transitive-dependents graph start-fn)
deps (conj (set (mapcat (partial deps/transitive-dependencies graph)
(conj dependents start-fn )))
calc? (conj (union deps dependents) start-fn)
calc-topo (filter calc? (:topo-sort graph))]
(-> state
(iterate* calc-topo update-deps deps)
(iterate* calc-topo update-dependents dependents)))))
(def g
{:a 1
:d/b 2
:b/a (fnk [a] (* a 7))
:x (fnk [b/a [d/b 2] [c 3]] (+ b/a d/b c))})
(def cg (compile-graph g))
(iterate cg)
; => {:x 12, :b/a 7, :d/b 2, :a 1}
(iterate cg {:a 7 :x 15} :a)
; => {:d/b 2, :b/a 49, :x 54, :a 7}
(iterate cg {:b/a 11 :a 7 :x 15} :x)
; => {:d/b 2, :x 15, :a 7, :b/a 11}
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abp commented Nov 25, 2012

Now with cached :topo-sort in compile-graph. (Part of lib to come soon)

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