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Get the name of the class of a decorated method in Python 2.7
def print_class_name(fn):
A decorator that prints the name of the class of a bound function (IE, a method).
NOTE: This MUST be the first decorator applied to the function! E.g.:
def my_fn(stuff):
This is because decorators replace the wrapped function's signature.
def inner(*args, **kwargs):
args_map = {}
if args or kwargs:
args_map = inspect.getcallargs(fn, *args, **kwargs)
# We assume that if an argument named `self` exists for the wrapped
# function, it is bound to a class, and we can get the name of the class
# from the 'self' argument.
if 'self' in args_map:
cls = args_map['self'].__class__
print 'Function bound to class %s' % cls.__name__
print 'Unbound function!'
return fn(*args, **kwargs)
return inner
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