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$ python --version
Python 2.6.5
$ sudo /etc/init.d/datadog-agent restart
Stopping datadog agent: (using supervisorctl) collector: stopped
Starting datadog agent: (using supervisorctl) collector: started
forwarder: ERROR (abnormal termination)
$ tail /var/log/ddforwarder.log
[I 120626 15:28:42 dd-forwarder:229] Listening on port 17123
[I 120626 15:28:42 dd-forwarder:243] Starting graphite listener on port 17124
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/dd-forwarder", line 271, in <module>
File "/usr/bin/dd-forwarder", line 268, in main
File "/usr/bin/dd-forwarder", line 244, in run
from graphite import GraphiteServer
ImportError: No module named graphite
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