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tejacques / HOCBaseRender.tsx
Last active Dec 21, 2019
React Higher Order Components in TypeScript
View HOCBaseRender.tsx
import * as React from 'react';
import { Component } from 'react';
export default function HOCBaseRender<Props, State, ComponentState>(
Comp: new() => Component<Props & State, ComponentState>) {
return class HOCBase extends Component<Props, State> {
render() {
return <Comp {...this.props} {...this.state}/>;
maxim / gh-dl-release
Last active Jan 24, 2020
Download assets from private Github releases
View gh-dl-release
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# gh-dl-release! It works!
# This script downloads an asset from latest or specific Github release of a
# private repo. Feel free to extract more of the variables into command line
# parameters.
View surge.conf
skip-proxy =,,,,, localhost, *.local, ::ffff:0:0:0:0/1, ::ffff:128:0:0:0/1
bypass-tun =,,
# dns-server =,,
loglevel = notify
BJ-All = custom
BJ-HK-Azure = custom
BJ-US-Azure = custom
paulirish /
Last active Jan 27, 2020
What forces layout/reflow. The comprehensive list.

What forces layout / reflow

All of the below properties or methods, when requested/called in JavaScript, will trigger the browser to synchronously calculate the style and layout*. This is also called reflow or layout thrashing, and is common performance bottleneck.


Box metrics
  • elem.offsetLeft, elem.offsetTop, elem.offsetWidth, elem.offsetHeight, elem.offsetParent
  • elem.clientLeft, elem.clientTop, elem.clientWidth, elem.clientHeight
  • elem.getClientRects(), elem.getBoundingClientRect()
obenjiro / jsdoit.css
Last active Jun 25, 2018
Canvas Conical Gradient
View jsdoit.css
body {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
background-color: #fff;
overflow: hidden;
leipert / detectBrowserLanguage.js
Last active Jul 5, 2019 — forked from anonymous/detectBrowserLanguage.js
Detect browser language in javascript (utilizing lodash)
View detectBrowserLanguage.js
// These window.navigator contain language information
// 1. languages -> Array of preferred languages (eg ["en-US", "zh-CN", "ja-JP"]) Firefox^32, Chrome^32
// 2. language -> Preferred language as String (eg "en-US") Firefox^5, IE^11, Safari,
// Chrome sends Browser UI language
// 3. browserLanguage -> UI Language of IE
// 4. userLanguage -> Language of Windows Regional Options
// 5. systemLanguage -> UI Language of Windows
var browserLanguagePropertyKeys = ['languages', 'language', 'browserLanguage', 'userLanguage', 'systemLanguage'];
View gist:9aeb4ed56394cb013a20

EDIT from 2019: Hi folks. I wrote this gist for myself and some friends, and it seems like it's gotten posted somewhere that's generated some (ahem, heated) discussion. The whitespace was correct when it was posted, and since then GitHub changed how it formats <pre> tags. Look at the raw text if you care about this. I'm sure someone could tell me how to fix it, but (thank you @anzdaddy for suggesting a formatting workaround) honestly this is a random throwaway gist from 2015, and someone more knowledgable about this comparison should just write a proper blog post about it. If you comment here I'll hopefully see it and stick a link to it up here. Cheers. @oconnor663

Here's the canonical TOML example from the TOML README, and a YAML version of the same. Which looks nicer?

title = "TOML Example"
Couto / webpack.js
Last active Dec 15, 2019
Fetch polyfill with webpack
View webpack.js
var webpack = require('webpack');
var HtmlWebpackPlugin = require('html-webpack-plugin');
var path = require('path');
var folders = {
APP: path.resolve(__dirname, '../app'),
BUILD: path.resolve(__dirname, '../build'),
BOWER: path.resolve(__dirname, '../bower_components'),
NPM: path.resolve(__dirname, '../node_modules')
i0rek /
Last active Nov 14, 2018
Install dnsperf on ubuntu
sudo apt-get install -y bind9utils libbind-dev libkrb5-dev libssl-dev libcap-dev libxml2-dev
curl -O
tar xfvz dnsperf-src-
cd dnsperf-src-
sudo make install
lsd / IdeaVim OS X Key Repeat.markdown
Last active Jan 22, 2020
Enable key-repeat for ALL applications or just for IdeaVim/specific JetBrains apps
View IdeaVim OS X Key Repeat.markdown

Upgrading to Lion or Yosemite and WebStorm 9, I noticed key repeat was
turned off for the IdeaVim plugin h j k l keys.

System-wide key repeat

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false in a terminal will enable
key repeat for every app. This can alternatively be found in the accessibility settings in OS X' preferences.

App specific key repeat

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