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AeroGear Controller 1.0.0.M1-20121124 Highlights


AeroGear Controller

  • a329b09 Code clean up and few suggestions for code optimizations
  • 2f13280 AEROGEAR-619 "Investigate usage of CDI alternatives"
  • 9a6b251 AEROGEAR-442 "TODO app throws a WELD exception when integrated with aerogear controller"
  • e9f9c05 AEROGEAR-615 "Introduce CDI Decorators"
  • a984b3a AEROGEAR-595 "Figure out how to replace Servlets by Servlet filter on controller"
  • f872223 AEROGEAR-523 "ErrorServlet should support POST"
  • 32550df AEROGEAR-539 "Minor code clean up"
  • fc96944 AEROGEAR-447 "JavaDoc for the AeroGear-Controller component"

AeroGear Controller Demo

  • 29a7de0 Add OTP QRCode after the registration process
  • ad73867 Validate user secret
  • 2b38b33 Changing the OTP workflow
  • 046386c Replacing the hardcoded version by the real implementation
  • e8967c8 Refactoring jsp pages and methods to handle AerogearUser attributes
  • a8a9bab OTP integration with AeroGear controller
  • 13bace2 Refactoring to reflect changes in controller.
  • 8d8bc63 Removing any dependencies on PicketBox OTP stuff
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