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Android Meeting Minutes October 18, 2012
Meeting minutes:
Roadmap review:
M1 progress:
- Security stuff not yet in, want to line it up with what Matthias did for iOS. Probably in by the end of the week.
- Refactor still in PR
- Issue with Eclipse
- removed dependencies, managed to make it work
- looks like Eclipse / Android tooling / Maven issue
- We want to support Eclipse OOTB so … idea is to run special maven target that copies artifacts to libs folder, and setup project as normal android ant based project.
- Priorities:
Aerogear 1.0.0-Final around Jan, Feb. We want Crud, and Security working nice by then, and play nicely with Eclipse by then.
M2 feature set:
- Data sync - We need to discuss across the libs, how that would work.
- Querying
- Pagination
All the above are not something we promise for 1.0.0, it would be nice to have, but it’s not the priority.
- Push
Seems a better candidate as it seems simpler to implement for now.
- OAuth
- Authentication support: TOTP from PicketBox is what we'll have for 1.0.0.
Which means OAuth is not on track for 1.0.0 as we don’t have server-side support for it. That means using Twitter, Facebook account for registration / authentication … we don’t have that, but's no sweat as it's not something we would cry over ATM.
Next steps
- protected resources on the server have to be accessed with proper auth-token header set. Otherwise you get 401 Not allowed.
- we send around the auth token every time.
Needs to be fleshed out ...
(qmx: repo will be renamed to just now that it's live)
Published at:
More tests
M2 features:
- Data caching connected to data sync.
- Content provider interface is more forward looking thing.
- Glen less involved
- Summers full time
- Marko more involved
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