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Bash script to prepare Redis commands for mass insertion via `redis-cli --pipe`

Redis supports mass insert via redis-cli --pipe, but commands need to be written in redis protocol. For more details, check out the Redis mass insertion page. This script takes care of converting ordinary redis commands to redis protocol.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

while read CMD; do
  # each command begins with *{number arguments in command}\r\n
  XS=($CMD); printf "*${#XS[@]}\r\n"
  # for each argument, we append ${length}\r\n{argument}\r\n
  for X in $CMD; do printf "\$${#X}\r\n$X\r\n"; done
$ for N in $(seq 1 1000); do echo "SADD test $N"; done > data.txt
$ cat data.txt | sh | redis-cli --pipe
All data transferred. Waiting for the last reply...
Last reply received from server.
errors: 0, replies: 1000
$ echo "SCARD test" | redis-cli
(integer) 1000

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commented Sep 20, 2016

Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "done")
cat data.txt | bash | redis-cli --pipe
将sh 改成bash 。。


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Owner Author

commented Sep 28, 2016

hi @luyishisi. i didn't notice this comment, sorry for the delay.

is it possible your bash is actually dash? a google search suggests that syntax error is due to bash/dash incompatibilities.


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commented Jul 19, 2017

hi @abtrout, I have a problem with your code. when my value is json data, this code may not work well.
(By the way, I'm sorry for my bad English.)

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