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var doc = context.document
var selectLayersOfType_inContainer = function(layerType, containerLayer) {
// Filter layers using NSPredicate
var scope = (typeof containerLayer !== 'undefined') ? [containerLayer children] : [[doc currentPage] children],
predicate = NSPredicate.predicateWithFormat("(className == %@)", layerType),
layers = [scope filteredArrayUsingPredicate:predicate];
// Deselect current selection
[[doc currentPage] deselectAllLayers]
// Loop through filtered layers and select them
var loop = [layers objectEnumerator], layer;
while (layer = [loop nextObject]) {
[layer select:true byExpandingSelection:true]
log([layers count] + " " + layerType + "s selected")
// Select all Artboards in current page
// Select all Text Layers in current page
// Types of layers that can be selected :
// MSLayerGroup
// MSShapeGroup
// MSShapePathLayer
// MSTextLayer
// MSArtboardGroup

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commented Jul 8, 2015



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commented Jul 9, 2015

Hi !
This seems great and USEFULL
Will you create a version compatible with Sketch Toolbox ?


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Owner Author

commented Jul 11, 2015

@rodnem I will as soon as I can find some time. Any other selection features that you think would make it more useful?

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