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Ant script to download and configure the Netbeans platform, which enables Netbeans platform applications to be built without the IDE
Netbeans Platform Download-and-Config
Copyright 2013, 2016, Andrew Bythell <>
This Ant script is used to download and configure the Netbeans platform,
allowing Netbeans platform applications to be built without the IDE.
<project name="configure-platform" default="configure" basedir=".">
<property name="version" value="8.1"/>
These don't need to modified
<path id="basedir.path"> <pathelement path="${basedir}" /> </path>
<pathconvert targetos="unix" property="basedir.unix" refid="basedir.path"/>
<property name="netbeans" value="${basedir.unix}/netbeans-${version}"/>
<property name="bootstrap.url" value=""/>
<property name="netbeans.updatecenter.url" value="${version}/uc/final/distribution/catalog.xml.gz"/>
Download the Netbeans platform and build harness
<target name="download">
<mkdir dir="${netbeans}/harness"/>
<taskdef name="autoupdate"
<autoupdate installdir="${netbeans}" updatecenter="${netbeans.updatecenter.url}">
<modules includes=".*" clusters="harness[0-9]*"/>
<modules includes=".*" clusters="platform[0-9]*"/>
Configure the Netbeans build harness to use the downloaded platform
<target name="configure" depends="download">
<mkdir dir="nbproject/private"/>
<echo file="nbproject/private/">${basedir.unix}/nbproject/private/${line.separator}</echo>
<echo file="nbproject/private/">nbplatform.default.harness.dir=${nbplatform.default.netbeans.dest.dir}/harness${line.separator}</echo>
<echo file="nbproject/private/" append="true">nbplatform.default.netbeans.dest.dir=${netbeans}${line.separator}</echo>
Remove the downloaded platform and build harness. This allows the Netbeans IDE to set the paths
to the stock values.
<target name="clean">
<delete dir="nbproject/private" />
<delete dir="${netbeans}" />

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commented Feb 9, 2016

Hello @abythell, there is a little mistake in your script.
Line :23
There is a whitespace between /artifact nbbuild/
Your script has been really helpful, but still struggling to complete the build.



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Owner Author

commented Nov 7, 2016

Noted and corrected. Fixed outdated URLs. Updated to use platform version 8.1.

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