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pragma solidity >0.4.23;
import "./Fundraiser.sol";
contract FundraiserFactory {
Fundraiser[] private _fundraisers;
uint256 constant maxLimit = 20;
event FundraiserCreated (Fundraiser indexed fundraiser, address indexed owner);
function fundraisersCount () public view returns (uint256) {
return _fundraisers.length;
function createFundraiser (string memory name, string memory url, string memory imageURL, string memory description, address payable beneficiary) public {
Fundraiser fundraiser = new Fundraiser (name, url, imageURL, description, beneficiary, msg.sender);
emit FundraiserCreated(fundraiser, msg.sender);
function fundraisers (uint256 limit, uint256 offset) public view returns (Fundraiser[] memory coll) {
require (offset <= fundraisersCount(), "offset out of bounds");
uint256 size = fundraisersCount() - offset;
size = size < limit ? size : limit;
size = size < maxLimit ? size : maxLimit;
coll = new Fundraiser[](size);
for (uint256 i = 0; i < size; i++) {
coll[i] = _fundraisers[offset + i];
return coll;
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