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Last active August 29, 2015 14:24
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Potential redux-react-router API
function reactRouter(router) {
return (reducer, initialState) => next => {
const baseStore = next(reducer, initialState);
function storeIsInSyncWithRouter() {
//... blah blah implementation details
// Apply router middleware which intercepts TRANSITION_TO actions
const wrappedDispatch = routerMiddleware(router)()(baseStore.dispatch);
const store = {
dispatch: (action) => {
// After dispatching, check if store state is out of sync with router
if (!storeIsInSyncWithRouter()) {
const { pathname, query, state } = baseStore.getState().router;
// Trigger transition in response to external state change
// E.g. Redux Devtools time travel
router.transitionTo(pathname, query, state);
return action;
// Need some way to subscribe to transitions
// Different from History.addChangeListener because transitions may be
// aborted, redirected, async, etc.
router.subscribe((location, params, components) => {
// Triggers LOCATION_DID_CHANGE actions
// (probably should rename this to DID_TRANSITION_TO for clarity)
if (!storeIsInSyncWithRouter()) {}
baseStore.dispatch(locationDidChange(location, params));
return store;
// Compose with other higher-order stores
const store = compose(
applyMiddleware(m1, m2, m3)
)(reducer, initialState);
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