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tmux: run a command in all panes
# Runs the specified command (provided by the first argument) in all tmux panes
# in every window. If an application is currently running in a given pane
# (e.g., vim), it is suspended and then resumed so the command can be run.
all-panes-bg_ "$1" &
# The actual implementation of `all-panes` that runs in a background process.
# This prevents the function from being suspended when we press ^z in each pane.
# Assign the argument to something readable
local COMMAND=$1
# Remember which window/pane we were originally at
local ORIG_WINDOW_INDEX=`tmux display-message -p '#I'`
local ORIG_PANE_INDEX=`tmux display-message -p '#P'`
# Loop through the windows
for WINDOW in `tmux list-windows -F '#I'`; do
# Select the window
tmux select-window -t $WINDOW
# Remember the window's current pane sync setting
local ORIG_PANE_SYNC=`tmux show-window-options | grep '^synchronize-panes' | awk '{ print $2 }'`
# Send keystrokes to all panes within the current window simultaneously
tmux set-window-option synchronize-panes on
# Send the escape key in case we are in a vim-like program. This is
# repeated because the send-key command is not waiting for vim to complete
# its action... And sending a `sleep 1` command seems to screw up the loop.
for i in {1..25}; do tmux send-keys 'C-['; done
# Temporarily suspend any GUI that's running
tmux send-keys C-z
# If no GUI was running, kill any input the user may have typed on the
# command line to avoid A) concatenating our command with theirs, and
# B) accidentally running a command the user didn't want to run
# (e.g., rm -rf ~).
tmux send-keys C-c
# Run the command and switch back to the GUI if there was any
tmux send-keys "$COMMAND; fg 2>/dev/null; echo -n" C-m
# Restore the window's original pane sync setting
if [[ -n "$ORIG_PANE_SYNC" ]]; then
tmux set-window-option synchronize-panes "$ORIG_PANE_SYNC"
tmux set-window-option -u synchronize-panes
# Select the original window and pane
tmux select-window -t $ORIG_WINDOW_INDEX
tmux select-pane -t $ORIG_PANE_INDEX

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nathanielks commented Mar 12, 2016

This is awesome, thanks!

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