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Mattermost thread from SWIB20

Magnus Sälgö (Sälgö Consulting AB) 3:48 PM

Have you connected geographical topic subjects used for cataloging books to Wikidata?? Any more libraries who has done that Reason asking is that I try to convince the Swedish LIBRISXL doing that

I did a POC but feel we should have 10000 times more Swedish locations connected subjects with library systems but its difficult to get people speak about Linked data ... (the discussion is still most MARC problems)

Poc Map <-> LIBRIS XL: took 3 hours to do . Sorry Swedish but LIBRISXL dont support english....

Péter Király (GWDG) 3:59 PM

I guess it is not used widely, but recently most of the subject related MARC fields got new subfield for real word object URI-s to connect subjects with e.g. Wikidata entities

Adrian Pohl (hbz) 4:03 PM

We have done this for the North-Rhine Westphalian Bibliography (NWBib) and are actually maintaining the spatial classification of NWBib itself in Wikidata creating a SKOS file for local use as intermediary. There is an NWBib ID (P6814) property that links back from Wikidata to NWBib spatial classification. Here is a list of all places linked from Wikidata to the bibliography: See also my slides from WikidataCon 2019: #NWBib

Magnus Sälgö (Sälgö Consulting AB) 4:08 PM

Thanks for sharing that is what we need ...

Péter Király (GWDG) 4:13 PM

@Adrian Pohl (hbz) Do you catalogue in PICA or MARC?

4:14 PM

Is there a technical (MARC or PICA) view in the catalogue? e.g. for this record:

Adrian Pohl (hbz) 4:24 PM

It's built from the lobid-resources API, see the record there: Clicking on the JSON-LD icon will give you JSON, the will give you what we export from Aleph (which some kind of MAB encoded MARC-style or so). Here is the direct link: See the 700s for the spatial classification. (We updated the whole bibliography and added field 0.

Péter Király (GWDG) 4:26 PM

Thanks a lot!

November 27, 2020

Adrian Pohl (hbz) 10:31 AM

For the cataloguers, we have added hidden copy buttons behind every classification entry that to get the needed Aleph format with one click. Just hover over the space behind each classification entry to make the button visible: nwbib-copy-screenshot.png

10:32 AM

I mean the thing you see in the screenshot behind 05314 Bonn. Clicking on it copies the following content in your clipboard: Bonn$$0

Osma Suominen (National Library of Finland) 2:05 PM

@Adrian Pohl (hbz) Sorry can you describe in a bit more detail how to get to a page that has the hidden copy button? We need something like this too for e.g. Finto AI, so it's possible to copy labels along with $0 URIs for pasting into Aleph

Adrian Pohl (hbz) 2:07 PM

Yes, sorry I didn't add a link. It's both in the spatial classification and in the subject classification. A click on "Alle ausklappen" will expand the classification.

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