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A poem by James Ackman dedicated to his sister Amy Rose, who passed away in Jan 2010
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James B. Ackman
2010-01-28 01:31:00 -0800


The energy of life ebbs and flows between all and whom that surround us.
Boundless, it can be tamed but never controlled.
Thus the harsh winter soil will yield for a spring leaf,
a journey that ends not with the crisp autumn chill.
Summer's wind may seed that leaf to lands under a new moon,
Or a swirling squall may turn a leaf towards its roots before the colors fall.
Still, this receiver of light soon returns its borrowed vigor,
to source a new endeavour–
a songbird's hymn,
a mountain's rushed waters,
or the starlight's perceived shimmer.
A vibrant spring bud that has always been and will always be
all these things and forever more
a source of life.

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