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Using Faker gem, to create 99 test users in Redmine using rails console
This code will produce users with first/last names and emails for English language and assumes that English is default
for your Redmine installation
1. Add faker gem to Redmine's Gemfile
gem 'faker', :git => '', :branch => 'master'
2. Run bundle install again
3. Append following to en.yml
(for example (in locales folder) wget -qO- | tee -a en.yml)
4. Run rails console
5. Use the following code:
99.times do |n|
login = Faker::Internet.unique.username
hashed_password = "dcd3ba2c1c58b25ae87a591140ae4a0e8fd5d704"
firstname = Faker::Name.unique.first_name
lastname = Faker::Name.unique.last_name
status = 1
mail = Faker::Internet.unique.safe_email
User.create!(login: login, hashed_password: hashed_password, firstname: firstname, lastname: lastname, status: status, mail: mail)
Later to test your users, you can use some of plugins like:
spectator plugin or some other plugin allowing admin to act as different user
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