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namespace Drupal\sitemanager\Plugin;
use Drupal\Core\Plugin\DefaultPluginManager;
use Drupal\Core\Cache\CacheBackendInterface;
use Drupal\Core\Extension\ModuleHandlerInterface;
* Provides the Task plugin plugin manager.
class TaskPluginManager extends DefaultPluginManager {
protected $settings;
* Constructor for TaskPluginManager objects.
* @param \Traversable $namespaces
* An object that implements \Traversable which contains the root paths
* keyed by the corresponding namespace to look for plugin implementations.
* @param \Drupal\Core\Cache\CacheBackendInterface $cache_backend
* Cache backend instance to use.
* @param \Drupal\Core\Extension\ModuleHandlerInterface $module_handler
* The module handler to invoke the alter hook with.
public function __construct(\Traversable $namespaces,
CacheBackendInterface $cache_backend,
ModuleHandlerInterface $module_handler) {
parent::__construct('Plugin/SMTaskPlugin', $namespaces, $module_handler,
$this->setCacheBackend($cache_backend, 'sitemanager_task_plugins');
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