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Last active September 2, 2016 06:51
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Detach and Attach a random instance to an ELB.
Instance_ids_str=`aws elb describe-load-balancers --load-balancer-name $LOAD_BALANCER_NAME --query "LoadBalancerDescriptions[*].{ID:LoadBalancerName,InstanceId:Instances[*].InstanceId}[*]. {ELB:ID,InstanceId:InstanceId[*]}" --output=json |jq -r ".[].InstanceId|@csv" |sed 's/\"//g'`
IFS=',' read -a Instance_ids_array <<< "$Instance_ids_str"
for INSTANCE_ID in ${Instance_ids_array[$RANDOM % ${#Instance_ids_array[@]}]}
aws elb deregister-instances-from-load-balancer --load-balancer-name $LOAD_BALANCER_NAME --instances $INSTANCE_ID
aws elb register-instances-with-load-balancer --load-balancer-name $LOAD_BALANCER_NAME --instances $INSTANCE_ID
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acsrujan commented Mar 28, 2016

To execute:

#raw url of above gist
chmod +x
#run the script whenever necessary.

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@acsrujan only one instance needs to be kicked out not all

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got it

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