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Created July 7, 2017 06:55
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Installs nodejs on ubuntu..
# This script installs node in ' $HOME/local/node ' directory wihtout sudo
# Store script's filename in $SELF_NAME
SELF_NAME=$(basename $0)
# Prints warning/error $MESSAGE in red foreground color (for [E]rror messages)
red_echo() {
echo -e "\e[1;31m[E] $SELF_NAME: $MESSAGE\e[0m"
# Prints success $MESSAGE in green foreground color (for [S]uccess messages)
green_echo() {
echo -e "\e[1;32m[S] $SELF_NAME: $MESSAGE\e[0m"
# Prints $MESSAGE in blue foreground color (for [I]nfo messages)
blue_echo() {
echo -e "\e[1;34m[I] $SELF_NAME: $MESSAGE\e[0m"
# Function to ensure success of previous command.
# This causes the script to exit if previous command exited with non-zero status
function ensure_success {
if [ "$return_status" -ne 0 ];then
MESSAGE=$error_message ; red_echo
MESSAGE=$success_message ; green_echo
# Creating local directories
MESSAGE="Creating directory $HOME/local/node\n"; blue_echo
mkdir -p $HOME/local/node
MESSAGE="Directory created\n";blue_echo
# creating an cd-ing to Downolads directory
MESSAGE="Creating a Downloads directory and entering in to it \n"; blue_echo
mkdir -p $HOME/Downloads
cd $HOME/Downloads
MESSAGE="Now in Downloads directory\n";blue_echo
#Downloading the linux tar.gz node package from
MESSAGE="Downloading the node package for linux\n"; blue_echo
ensure_success "$?" "Downloading error " " Successfully downloaded "
NODE_PACKAGE=`ls *.tar.gz`
# Extracting the node package
MESSAGE="Extracting the node package \n";blue_echo
tar xzf $NODE_PACKAGE -C $HOME/local/node --strip-components=1
MESSAGE="Node Enviroment Setup\n"; blue_echo
echo '# Node Enviroment Setup' >> $HOME/.bashrc
MESSAGE="exporting PATH ==> PATH=$HOME/local/node/bin:$PATH\n";blue_echo
echo 'export PATH=$HOME/local/node/bin:$PATH' >> $HOME/.bashrc
MESSAGE="exporting NODE_PATH ==> NODE_PATH=$HOME/local/node/lib/node_modules\n";blue_echo
echo 'export NODE_PATH=$HOME/local/node/lib/node_modules' >> $HOME/.bashrc
MESSAGE="Removing downloads directory packages\n"; blue_echo
rm -rf $HOME/Downloads
ensure_success "$?" "Error removing Downloads directory" "Removed Downloads directory"
echo ""
MESSAGE="Note: Run the following command manually to load node and npm \n";green_echo
echo 'source $HOME/.bashrc'
MESSAGE="After sourcing bashrc : You can verify the versions as below \n"; blue_echo
echo 'node -v '
echo 'npm -v '
echo ""
MESSAGE="Want to install grunt and bower globally ? Run below command \n"; green_echo
echo 'npm install -g grunt grunt-cli bower'
echo ""
MESSAGE=" Cheers !! You are awesome \n"; blue_echo
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