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Patching Python code at runtime

A rather dirty way to patch module code at runtime.

import b
class A(object):
def call_to_b(self, s):
myb = b.B()
class B(object):
def fn(self, s):
"""This function needs to be patched.
print s
import inspect
import textwrap
# `A` uses `B` and we want `B` to be altered
import b
b_B_fn_source = inspect.getsource(b.B.fn)
# Alternatively, can use getsourcelines to get an array of lines
b_B_fn_source = textwrap.dedent(b_B_fn_source)
# Make sure the source looks as we expect it to
assert('print s' in b_B_fn_source)
# Patch the code
b_B_fn_source = b_B_fn_source.replace('def fn(', 'def patched_fn(')
b_B_fn_source = b_B_fn_source.replace('print s', 'print "patched", s')
# This creates the function `patched_fn`
# Replace the original function
b.B.fn = patched_fn
# Now module `a` will use the patched code
import a
my_a = a.A()
# expect: >>> patched ohhi
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alexandernst commented Jun 16, 2018

Note that this won't work with magic methods (methods that start with __)

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CNG commented Apr 28, 2019

Thanks for this!

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