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describe('Example', () => {
beforeEach(async () => {
await device.reloadReactNative();
await waitFor(element('ButtonText'))).toBeVisible().withTimeout(10000);
it('should Press me text be displayed', async () => {
await waitFor(element(by.text("Press Me"))).toBeVisible().withTimeout(100);
it('should ButtonText id be displayed', async () => {
await expect(element('ButtonText'))).toBeVisible();
it('should Polidea logo be displayed after click on button', async () => {
await element('ButtonText')).tap();
await waitFor(element('ButtonImage'))).toBeVisible().withTimeout(2000);
it ('should Press me text be morphed in Polidea title after click on button',async () =>{
await element('ButtonText')).tap();
await waitFor(element(by.text("Press Me"))).toNotExist().withTimeout(2000);
await waitFor(element(by.text("Polidea"))).toBeVisible().withTimeout(100);
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